Photography for Wellbeing Classes - OXFORD, UK

These classes are designed to inspire you and act as a springboard for improving your photography, and how you can use your camera to calm your mind and connect with the outdoors in a more meaningful way.

The course encourages attendees to present their photographs from each session's assignments. Many people can feel apprehensive about this, but this is in a completely non-critical environment, we are not here to make judgement on the quality or subject of the images but to discuss why we chose to capture an image and what choices we consciously made. Sharing with the group allows everyone to learn from one another's different perspectives, and you will get a lot more out of the sessions if you do share.

Session 1

This is an introductory session, and will include those who have booked the introduction session and those who have booked for the entire course. It starts with my story, an introduction to what mindful photography is, and what happens to your body in the outdoors.

Assignment 1 - A photo walk in your chosen location

Session 2

Techniques and theoretical exercise for a more mindful approach to photography. Telling a story with your image.

Assignment 2 - Revisiting your location

Session 3

Attendees present their favourite images from the assignment with group discussion. Capturing feelings with your camera.

Assignment 4 - Capturing your final image

Session 4

Exhibition evening where you will present your final image to the group and guest explaining the story behind your image and what it means to you. You will take home your print at the end of the session - including wine and canapes - open invitation for guests.


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Key Information

Class Duration

4 x 2 hour evening classes meeting once a fortnight


Oxford, UK

Class size

Maximum 15


3 class room sessions & exhibition event

Refreshments at all sessions

Print of your final image