Mindful Photography Video Shoot

Today I went to a local woodland to shoot a video about Mindful Photography, and it made me realise how creating videos has contributed to forming my approach to photography as it is today. I have been creating videos of my trips out with my camera for YouTube for almost a year now, and my YouTube channel has begun to gain a lot of attention. The uploads I publish tend to get a great deal of engagement when I raise themes about the sense of wellbeing you can get from Landscape photography and how it has helped me overcome issues with depression, anxiety and panic attacks. The people who have viewed my videos on YouTube have often commented that I have a mindful approach to photography, and so I decided to create a more direct mindful photography video to see if that is what the viewers and subscribers of my channel are interested in.

What I found whilst out recording the footage was that I was pointing the camera at the details I noticed and appreciated and liked about the scene in front of me, an ivy leaf here, dappled light though the canopy there, a fallen tree, the footprint of a deer, and the swaying treetops in the gentle wind. I realised that doing this helped me to tune to these details, and how they all ultimately influence the final image I capture. The fallen tree became my main subject, the dappled light highlighting snippets of the surrounding woodland. The texture of the surrounding trees adding interest all the way through the scene. Without making a video, I would have still explored the wood and noticed these details, but may not have studied them so closely. What I do feel however is that making the video fast-tracked me to that state where I am just soaking up the scene, which is not at all a bad thing when you are looking to focus your mind and eliminate the distractions.

I also recorded sound effects from the area including bees buzzing and birds tweeting. Recording this audio forced me to be quiet and just listen. I heard woodpeckers, and robins, and the breeze in the treetops.

I was very present, focussed, and calm, and I very much enjoyed it.

With the work I am doing on my YouTube channel, creating videos has become a part of my photography workflow and I really love doing it. Creating these little nuggets of visual mindfulness, has helped me to develop the same approach to capturing still images, and it is a direction I wish to keep on going.

Mindful photography woodland.jpg

I will post again with more details about Mindful photography, including news the work I have been doing to create a workshop or course that will introduce photography novices and pros alike to a more relaxed and meaning approach to photographing the natural environment around us.

If you haven't seen what I do on YouTube before go over and check out my channel. I cover my journey of improving my photography, and overcoming my issues with mental health.


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