More than just pictures.

If want to improve your photography style or approach or have the need to escape the day to day stresses and strains, or just looking for a new way to connect with nature and the outdoors, I provide photography workshops, talks, and classes centred around my approach to photography and mental wellbeing benefits that come with it.

What you see below are my standard offerings, although I am happy to discuss more bespoke options for you or your organisation.



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My talks are centred around my story and how being outdoors taking photographs of the beautiful landscapes of the British countryside helped me overcome some of the toughest mental struggles I have faced. We live in a busy world and our lives are shadowed by stresses and struggles, and our minds often race at a thousand miles per hour. However, through focussing on the features, wildlife and the light cast upon our beautiful surroundings, photography can help you achieve an almost meditative state that slows those racing thoughts and allows you to truly appreciate the beauty that the world has to offer.

Talks can be tailored to suit your event, but as a guideline these are some of the standard talks I offer:

My story: From the Shadows to the Sun Light

Mindful Photography for Wellbeing: Techniques to Help You Calm Your Mind and Capture Great Images






Individuals | GROUPS

The workshops I offer are similar to my classroom sessions but held in the outdoors over the course of a day or a few hours with our cameras in hand. A workshop gives you the opportunity learn new techniques and to put them into practice immediately, with me on hand to provide guidance. There is no substitute for being in the great outdoors and seeing, hearing and feeling the beautiful landscape around us.

Mindful Photography for Wellbeing



Individuals | Groups

In my photography for wellbeing classes we cover the theory of how to approach photography in a calm and mindful way with examples and exercises to complete between classes. Similar in content to my workshops apart from delegates are encouraged to carry out exercises in between classes in their own time and at their own pace. Each week students will present the results of their images and over the course of the sessions we work on improving photography style, and approach. The classroom sessions conclude with an exhibition evening to present your final image from the course.

Mindful Photography for Wellbeing